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Does an expatriate need a Work Permit or a Resident Permit to sign a lease contract in Morocco ?

No, they do not. Expatriates only need a valid passport to sign a lease contract.


Do our international assignees need a Work Permit to work in Morocco ? What are the necessary formalities to be completed ?

  • The Moroccan labour Law in force has set clear rule : any company willing to hire a non-Moroccan must get the approval from the authority in charge, meaning the Ministry of Employment. The normal process consists of 2 steps.
  • The goal from the first step is to obtain an authorization from the ANAPEC, the National Agency for Promotion of Employment and Skills to hire a foreign worker.
  • The second step aims at having the Work Permit from the Ministry of Employment which enables the expatriate to work in Morocco. This permit is valid for one year and must be renewed each year
  • In some cases (either expatriation or international assignments, providing that all the required documents are accurate and complete, the Ministry can exempt the company from the first step (ANAPEC), which shortens the deadline to obtain the Work Permit.


Does an expatriate have the right to drive in Morocco ?

Yes, they do. The first year following the arrival to Morocco, they need to have a valid driving license from a country with which Morocco has an agreement on that matter; otherwise, they should have an international driving license. Some countries have a bilateral agreement with Morocco allowing their nationals to exchange their original driving licenses and get a Moroccan one (as for France, Belgium, Switzerland, so on). After 12 months, any foreigner must get a Moroccan driving license to be able to drive legally in the country. For nationals from countries having no agreement with Morocco, they have to retake the driving test to get the Moroccan driving license.


Is it possible for a foreign worker to enter Morocco for business purpose and then change their status once in the country ?

In principle, they can. For instance, a foreigner with EU passport can stay in Morocco for a period of 3 months without a resident permit. However, in the case of a stay that will be probably extended (as for an expatriation that will last more than 6 months) the first case does not apply. Here, it is mandatory to apply for a resident permit from the Police Department, if the stay exceeds 6 months on period of 12 months.


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