How to save 30% of the cost of transferring an employee to Morocco thanks to furniture rental?

It's decided, James is moving to Morocco to become the new CFO of your Northern Africa branch. Like all employees moving abroad, James will be entitled to an international move for himself and his family, back and forth. On site, an average of 30 nights of temporary accommodation will have to be taken care of, while the move arrives at its destination and goes through customs clearance. Upon return, in 2 years time, 15 nights will be taken care of. On top of that, since the on-site accommodations are different from the type of accommodation in which James used to live, he will be given an envelope to buy equipment upon arrival.
The basic package for a transfer will cost a total of 27,000 euros HT that the company will have spent involving, often, additional inconveniences and hidden costs such as:
- The cost of catering to the employee and his family during the stay at a hotel (25 euros per person per day, the budget can be 100 x 30 euros - 3000 euros)
- Period of "false adaptation"as long as the employee and his family are not settled in their final dwelling, therefore a longer time for the installation and adaptation of the family
- The employee's furniture which is often inadequate or insufficient for the destination accommodation and involves significant additional expenses in a country where capital goods are expensive (household appliances, furniture, etc.); therefore sometimes demands are more expensive than the allowance originally planned for.

All these costs can be reduced or even cancelled, while making the employee’s experience more comfortable thanks to furniture rental. Here's how:

compar loc et demenagement

The alternative of renting furniture allows:
- To significantly reduce or cancel the costs of an international move
- To eliminate hotel or temporary accommodation by allowing the family to move directly into their accommodation for faster adaptation, especially in case children returning to school are affected
- To significantly reduce or cancel the installation envelope
- The employee to choose equipment that he likes, that is suitable for the accommodation he has chosen and which will be installed for him directly by the provider in the chosen accommodation
In total, furniture rental for a 3-bedroom dwelling is estimated at 772 euros HT/month or for a period of 24 months: 18,545 HT, which means 30% less than the cost of a basic transfer package with, in addition, a better comfort for the collaborator and a simpler and faster installation!

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